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By | April 16, 2014

1 home design interior design is the first prototype

Home design and decoration for many people, seems to be a new thing. But is not the case. Interior design system as an important part of home design has played a catalytic role in the development of interior design can even be said, the first interior design is reflected in home design, it is not difficult from the history of interior design, find the root causes of .

Prehistoric human sexes, safe drinking which living space is a natural cave, pits or ride up through natural forest “shack.” These “home” are all derived from the basic nature of space, utility can still meet, but after all, is not comfortable with the beautiful, intelligent transformation of the human environment so always want something in order to achieve a better life purpose. Thus, the first home (interior) design activities began! Therefore, the interior design of the discipline began, it is the home design began. It can be said, home design, the basic human start its own, it has already begun.

Early humans did “design” is obviously a simple, naive. But now, when the “home design” and the later works of some of the design of artificial compared to the pure, simple art of hand image there is a charm, not when stimulated our inspiration. Thus, there are many designers and home owners who return to basics style has a soft spot. In recent years, very popular “pastoral style”, in fact, has a sort of memory of the meaning of human childhood home.

Since the inception of civilization, the human ability to transform the objective world is constantly improving, the history of home design picture also will be getting a gorgeous colorful.

2 the history of interior design

Home design interior design as a branch of interior design from the development of history, see its development journey.

2.1 Early interior design: cold but rich in a scientific attitude

Early human ability to solve technical problems and performance skills and artistic taste of the material wealth and so have very limited. Interior design achievements, mostly reflected in those who ignore the living, only Bong nothingness idol, and even the dead memorial space. Such as those kings and nobles tombs and religious buildings of space, often engendered exaggerated tall scale, stirring scale. Although, this interior space, only suitable for viewing and Looking, however, from a technical and artistic point of view, these interior space in the building structure and to explore other aspects of processing means, for the later home design has accumulated valuable experience. More importantly, these designs reflect the beginning of art in interior design activities closely with the technical scientific exploration of attitude.

2.2 medieval interior design: the glitz and nature co-exist

Into the class of human society, the widening wealth gap and social status of the poor division, resulting in a supreme privilege of the ruling class. Both East and West, with a high degree of monopoly privileges of the ruling class of material, flashy pleasure wave started in the interior design of activities to get attention. Medieval interior design, often pursuing every aspect of the concrete means of artistic expression. Especially in the eyes may be able to get up close and reach of hand, foot, all carved, often those expensive materials, priceless treasures, precious works of art are concentrated to the living space. Such works of exquisite interior design, gorgeous, enrich the vocabulary of interior design, and left behind a rich artistic heritage. However, on the other hand, the ruling class that reflects the taste of luxury interior design, but also to future generations planted a blindly obsessed with decorating, to the neglect of spatial relationships and the use of functional root cause.

Before the arrival of the industrial revolution several hundred years, although the decorative sense, or that the privilege of nobility, but the interior design of private development is also not be underestimated.

It is precisely because there is no great material wealth as a basis, the civilian population of home design, from the start even more focus on functional design. Residential stress function, unpretentious style of art, often flashy and cumbersome than those of buildings, units, Pavilion, Pavilion to be much more practical and friendly. Plain of life, to allow civilians to infiltrate people noticed the relationship between the design space of an important technique, but also the expression of a scientific approach to the space – it’s not isolated to any living space, the decorative design is a complement of spatial relationships space capabilities and strengthen their respective factors, and the opportunity to link up the space, reasonable, full use of space, to improve the effectiveness of unit space used to create interior space is an important principle.

3 home design in China

Recalling the home (interior) design through the course, not difficult to find, it can be said of China’s long history of home design, but mostly the former privilege of the wealthy class, not become a social demand for the industry. That year, there is no independent status of home design by the artists and craftsmen have been working together concurrently. Is still highly regarded in the world today, those of Chinese classical works of architecture and design household items, then some of the many is the first artist to draw pictures, and then little by little by the craftsmen to do the scene out.

Qing Dynasty began to gradually open the door and let people see the progress of Western design. From Shanghai and other places began to spread throughout the country some of the villas have enabled China’s ancient civilization living, comfortable and modern Western lifestyle, with close contact. Chinese home decoration culture thus turning a new page.

The Chinese mainland is really the word home decoration design, should be from the late 1970s. At that time, China began to implement economic reform, the development of various undertakings are facing an unprecedented historical opportunity.

Into the nineties, the reform has brought to the Chinese people rich living environment. Wealthy people, began to look toward a radically improve living standards of housing up.

The mid-nineties property rights system reform, but also gave birth to the development of Jiazhuang Ye. That is, from this time onwards, the Chinese have a real sense of the home design industry.

After ten years of development, China’s Jiazhuang Ye have begun to take shape, and as Jiazhuang Ye leading home improvement design, has also been due for development. China is now the home design, showing a thriving gratifying scene, a group of excellent designers to stand out. Today’s China’s home improvement design, burst out of the unprecedented vitality.

For several years, the author handles design and layout. In Germany, he suggests clients in creating their homes. His specialty is duo rollo

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