What can you do in everyday life to spring fatigue?

By | April 14, 2014

Whatever the trigger for the spring fatigue always – one thing is certain: Everyone can actively do something about the spring fatigue. Everybody can do something.

Soak up the sun whenever possible
The daily schedule should be aligned with the sun if possible. Getting up early and go to bed early to ensure that you get as much sun and so sunlight as possible. Wshould not expose absolutely direct sunlight. The mere stay outdoors and indirect sunlight or the light effect of the Sun have sufficient effect.
Even in the cold the sun has an effect.
Although it is still cool, it is very useful to stay in the late winter sun as often as possible. Those who choose the right clothes can stretch their tired limbs in the winter sun, without freezing.

A lot of movement, best out there
Lots of exercise in the fresh air helps with spring fever. Unfortunately, this can be replaced not by the movement in space, because this is missing the important influence of the sun. On the positive side, however, that do have regular walks or small rounds with the bike its effect. However, even in indoor activities are important for the cycle. Occasionally run the stairs and leave the elevator aside, can bring the cycle going.

Hot and cold showers in the morning
Even if it is a bit strange, cold and hot and cold showers in the morning are very favorable for the excitation of the circuit.
Vitamins instead of fast food
Even from inside the body wants to be pampered. While chocolate and fast food are at first glance, balm for the soul – they generally favor the spring fever, but rather because it affects the body. Fresh food with lots of vitamins on the other hand supports the body and the numerous processes that are responsible for a perfect metabolism.

Small meals, but several times
The diet should contain more than three large meals a little more. Here, but the small meals should turn out really small. This diet should generally be taken to heart the best throughout the year, but is even more important when the organism is already stressed through the changing seasons.

Meeting with friends instead of seclusion
If a bad mood and depression are getting ready, you should prefer not to retreat into their own four walls. Instead, turn to friends or at least lead to an encouraging phone call with a good friend of yours can bring the mood back on track quickly.

Allow color to your life
Also, colorful clothes or a paint color of your own four walls can lift the mood.

Enough Sleep
Go to bed early and get enough sleep it is another tool against spring tiredness. If necessary, this darkened the windows (blinds, roller blinds).
Who are lots of problems with the transition from the cold weather and therefore has the appropriate hormone production, can also undergo light therapy. However, this rich, the commercially available light sources are not enough. Light therapy should be discussed with the doctor, who can then give helpful practical tips for combating spring fever.

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